We have the very talented Elizabeth Derijk performing all the injectables at Daisy-Pro Cosmetics. She is a registered active nurse working at the Norfolk & Norwich hospital. We have lots more treatments from her coming your way this space.

We pride ourselves in making sure all our clients are looked after so all of the injectables booking buttons will head to her E-mail so you can arrange a time for a consultation before (or at the same time) as your treatment. 

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

2 Areas £180

3 Areas £250

Armpits £400

Phrofhilo £450

Lip Augmentation

1ml £200

2ml £320



Tear Trough £250

Smile Lines £250

Rhinoplasty £270

Chin £200

Cheeks £250

Jawline £250

Fat Dissolving 

Promotional Price 

One Area £80

More than one session will be needed on bigger body parts like stomach & legs. Facial procedures are usually one session only.

Downtime 3-5 days 

Results in 5/6 weeks.